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Visual Dictionary Of Expressive Worship Book Reviews


K. Westrope "poet1" (Wildomar, CA)  A wonderful book! March 24, 2014-   See all my reviews
This is a wonderful book. It is filled with so much information regarding expressive worship, including signing, dance, and using ribbons & banners. It explains what the different signs/movements mean and how to use them in worship. I personally am rather reserved in my worship, but this was such an enlightening book for me. I never knew that the ribbon/cloth and dance movements were actually interpreting the words/music of the worship and praise songs. I thought the dancers just did whatever moves felt right for the song. It was a real joy to read this book, and I'm sure I'll be referring back to it.
If you are part of a worship team or just want to learn how to enhance your own worship, this is a wonderful resource, with tons of pictures and descriptions to help you with interpretation. A highly recommended resource.


Pastor Ozell Bordon, Fort Resolution, NWT

Your book is excellent in the fact that it is so well illustrated with movements etc. most books I have used is with a still picture. You have done an excellent job ! Thanks for a job well done!!! 


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Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
Wow, a Great Book!!
Date: March 11, 2014
Compact Visual Dictionary of Expressive Worship is a great resource for any individual or church leader wanting to express worship or teach others to worship God in a way that is truly meaningful!!
My daughters have done flagging in worship services and on special occasions in the past. I believe it is a majestic form of worship. Now we are looking to teach the next generation and this book allows us to take any song and interpret movements that are meaningful as well as beautiful.
This book is concise, the pictures are clear, and directions are easy to follow.
I highly recommend this book! Get it and Worship!!


Andra's Review

My 9 year old son doesn't like to sing in church with us and had shown some interest in signing. We have a couple of people in our congregation that sign instead of (or while they) sing, and I find it a beautiful form of worship. I was excited to find a book that so clearly illustrates and explains the different signs and how to use them! We've learned a few of the signs and now use them in our evening prayers.

The scope and depth of practical, useful information that Valerie Forsyth has included in this the Visual Dictionary of Expressive Worship is impressive. Most importantly, it's presented in a comprehensive format that is easy to understand. Readers will find many ideas to enrich their own worship.


Pastor Randy Jost and staff at the Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa, Ontario-March 2014

[We are] commendatory of the effort put into the book, [we] both feel that its use is somewhat limited [here.] It is helpful in giving meaning to large gesture motions in a worship context, but in [our] estimation, is not completely true to the ASL.-


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